I was completely burnt out, working long hours, going home to kiss my kids goodnight, then back on the laptop after the kids were in bed, working til all hours at night.  Being a perfectionist and trying to be everything to everyone was taking its toll on me and my family.  Kylie brought out some valuable truth bombs in a really compassionate way. She helped me get clear on what I wanted, then gave me the tools to action the changes needed and to set myself up for future success.  Kylie supported me through the following months and ensured I stayed on track.  I’ve maintained these work systems and expectations with my team, so that we all take responsibility and know each other’s boundaries.  I’m no longer working  crazy hours and my relationships have improved with my team, as well as my kids and husband (I’m no longer the frantic mum!).  I feel like not only my work but my life has turned around completely!