Become a fearless, inspirational leader and achieve big goals… with the energy to match!

Do you feel like… you became a leader to confidently guide your team to create a collective vision and achieve great things… but most days you feel like you’re wing it, without any training or support leaving you lost and alone.

How does The Inspired Leader help?

The Inspired Leader provides a comprehensive development and coaching program for ambitious leaders (like you!), to ignite your inner inspiration.

Programs range from bite sized online modules with weekly group coaching, to multi-day or ongoing programs for businesses.  Private coaching sessions support and embed the learning to take it to the next level.

Behavioural assessments can supplement any program, to enable participants to really understand what makes them tick and how they are perceived in the workplace.

The Inspired Leader program will help you shift...


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    struggling to connect with and manage your team

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    fumbling your way in the loneliness of being the boss

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    being exhausted, stressed and emotional (taking it out on your poor family…!)


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    having the confidence of a clear, actionable plan and a brilliant cheer squad to support you to success.
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    connecting deeply with them and achieving next level outcomes together!
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    calm, happy and inspired, both at work and home.

How is this program different?

You’ve probably attended training days that certainly energised you at the time, but then your old habits returned back in real life… research has shown that 87% of learning is lost within a week without consistent focus!

The Inspired Leader programs provide ongoing support and accountability to create real, sustained change and leadership impact. You belong to a safe group of likeminded leaders, to get clarity and be kept accountable, throughout the program and beyond.

The Inspired Leader is for you if…

  • You’re an ambitious leader and want to achieve great results, while enjoying your role and working collaboratively with your team.
  • You and your team are battling a never ending do list – you need to find more time in your day!
  • You know it’s important to connect with your team, but need help to figure out how to decode their individual personalities.
  • You want to learn tested, actionable leadership best practice in a supportive environment (not just the latest fads).
  • You want to be supported by a group of like minded leaders who will help you implement your new insights and keep accountable.

It's not for you if...

  • You think that employees should just get the job done and leave their emotions at the door.
  • You’re happy working long hours, reacting to everyone else’s needs without forward planning or having any fun.

  • You think that all people should be managed with the same cookie cutter approach.

  • You want to keep going with the books, podcasts and mini-courses, hoping something will stick.

  • You want to work your way out of your current situation yourself, hoping things might change one day.


If you’re ready to be supported in a safe, nurturing environment, then I invite you to apply for a free leadership strategy call with me where we’ll map out the next 3 things you can shift now to connect and inspire your team.