• Are you a technical expert but struggle to lead and develop your staff?
  • Are you overwhelmed and stretched facing significant change and expectation?
  • Are you wondering how to connect and inspire to action?

The NeuroTREAD framework will transform the way you and your team work, creating an organisation that is creative, resilient and high performing.

Take your leadership to new levels

Revolutionise your organisation’s leadership skills by understanding and tapping into the brain’s extraordinary capacity.  NeuroTREAD combines invaluable insights into human thinking, motivation, engagement and behaviour with practical, fun exercises and challenges and offers an effective brain-friendly approach towards reaching your strategic goals.

NeuroTREAD is supported by neuroscience research and evidence rich strategies, so that participants can feel confident about the new and often revolutionary approaches and techniques.

NeuroTREAD has empowered 15,000 leaders and executives – join this growing movement!

Key programs include:

  • Manager to Leader in 90 days
  • Leading through change
  • High-Performing People and Teams
  • Building Resilience

Structured around 5 key areas:

Think Regulate Engage Adapt Develop
Think – Understand core brain functions, innovative thinking strategies and improve decision-making.

Key outcomes

  • Make more effective decisions
  • Improve creative problem solving capabilities
  • Use emotion more effectively in decision making
  • Understand cognitive capacity and improve productivity
  • Understand conditions for peak mental performance
  • Improve innovation and vision
Regulate – Understand the brain’s response to stress, how to regulate emotions and renew mental capacity for peak performance.

Key outcomes

  • Learn simple, quick and effective techniques to manage stressful, overloaded or negative situations
  • Build resilience strategies
  • Recharge mental capabilities
  • Regulate emotions effectively
  • Role model self-management
  • Help others manage stress and emotion
  • Increase functionality and flexibility in thinking
Engage – Tailor your leadership and motivate others by understanding the 5 key social brain drivers.

Key outcomes

  • Learn key steps to building engagement
  • Understand the brain social motivators to motivate and inspire
  • Build high engagement team environment
  • Improve team dynamics to improve engagement
  • Foster collaborative environment
  • Adapt communication and style to influence and collaborate with others more effectively
  • Create a strong positive leadership culture
Adapt – Discover Strategies to create and sustain change and improvements in self and others, individually and organisationally. Understand the brain’s resistance to change and its capability to change.

Key outcomes

  • Understand why change is so challenging
  • Learn to be more adaptive to changes from a thinking, emotional and behavioural perspective
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Lead teams effectively to accept and embrace change
  • Learn how to create new healthier, productive habits
  • Help others create more productive habits
Develop – Develop yourself and others through brain-based coaching and feedback models.

Key outcomes

  • Learn why coaching is the most effective form of development, and how to enhance it further!
  • Use whole-brain goal-setting techniques for greater traction
  • Enhance people’s thinking so they are able to solve problems using their conscious and non-conscious processing
  • Adopt brain-based coaching techniques
  • Focus on strength development
  • Provide feedback that is non-threatening and empowering for increased performance

Who is this program for?

The program is effective for leaders, emerging leaders, technical experts and those who manage or influence others.

We cater for individuals, teams and organisations.

Flexible program format

The NeuroTREAD program is available in a variety of formats from keynote presentations, to multi-day workshops, to suit your business needs.

NeuroTREAD also has a series of available online modules/webinars for self paced learning. The specific combination to meet your goals is tailored during our initial discussions.

Behavioural Profiling

Many organisations find it helpful to engage with profiling alongside the NeuroTREAD program.

Profiling enables participants to understand their underlying behavioural preferences and why they approach situations and individuals in particular ways.

This information allows leaders to consciously modify or adapt their behaviours to achieve the best results within their team.