Alex King, HR Manager, Fujifilm

Kylie Perrin is definitely on top of her game; she is as engaging as she is well structured. She simplifies the complex and provides the tools and models that are relevant to the issue/situation or for the desired outcome. She gets the crux of the matter quickly and supports by coaching and providing techniques to be your best self with influence. Kylie’s approach is interactive and refreshing, she brings the best out of people. 

Our company engagement score has increased by 168%  (from 44%to 74%) within four years, with intensive leadership development programs coordinated across the entire business at all management levels. Kylie was instrumental in the development and integration of the company Vision and Values, which holds core to how we support people. It is always a refreshing experience working with Kylie. Time well spent with great results!

Angela Ewers, Leadership Capability Leader, Lion

Kylie is a results focused Leadership Capability Coach with strong technical skills and a broad experience base. During her time at Lion, Kylie developed and executed a number of targeted capability programmes. She builds strong relationships with those in the businesses that she partners with, as well as her HR colleagues.  She has facilitated great outcomes including aligning two joint venture businesses, creating large scale training events and coaching leaders for improved engagement and business results.

Daniel Vaughan, HR Manager, Vodafone

I worked with Kylie during a period of great change for the business at the time and also a great time of change for us both as individuals. I could not have wished for a more professional, knowledgeable colleague to work with. Two years later our shared client base still remembered her as a person they could trust to get the job done! Kylie is one of the best allround HR professionals I have met!

Susie, FMCG
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I was completely burnt out, working long hours, going home to kiss my kids goodnight, then back on the laptop after the kids were in bed, working til all hours at night.  Being a perfectionist and trying to be everything to everyone was taking its toll on me and my family.  Kylie brought out some valuable truth bombs in a really compassionate way. She helped me get clear on what I wanted, then gave me the tools to action the changes needed and to set myself up for future success.  Kylie supported me through the following months and ensured I stayed on track.  I’ve maintained these work systems and expectations with my team, so that we all take responsibility and know each other’s boundaries.  I’m no longer working  crazy hours and my relationships have improved with my team, as well as my kids and husband (I’m no longer the frantic mum!).  I feel like not only my work but my life has turned around completely!

Sarah, Small Business Manager
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What really sets Kylie apart is she really cares about you and your business. She holds you accountable. My business went from floundering to flourishing. I have all the systems, tools and structures to be successful.  Kylie is incredible at reminding me about my success mindset.  This has created a huge turning point in my business.  If you are on the fence about joining her programs – go for it.  Recognise that this is not only an investment in your business but in your life.

Phil Storton, National Sales Manager ANZ, Fujifilm Medical

If you are looking for strategic leadership development and coaching, I fully recommend Kylie Perrin.

Kylie is highly skilled in the delivery of inspirational and thought provoking leadership coaching. She delivers a great mix of real world experience and process driven learning. With her winning personality and boundless energy she is very engaging motivational speaker. Her training has proved invaluable for me to develop as a more efficient and productive manager during a period of significant growth in our Medical business

Dan Paul, National Marketing Manager, Fujifilm

Kylie has an amazing ability to bring a positive energy to everything she tackles. From Human Resource functions through to developing teams and workplace culture, Kylie’s work-ethic and high standards are contagious.

Kylie has a strong focus on operational improvement and team development and led myself and my team through a number of transformative sessions that crystalised the strategy and approach for the Division. Able to dive into the specifics of a situation whilst balancing a global perspective, Kylie is able to mesh the micro and macro pictures in a way that provides clarity for all team members and left the team feeling inspired and motivated.

When not facilitating herself, Kylie coordinated a range of excellent programs to improve personal and operational effectiveness, all of which met a specific need of the attendees and resulted in performance and process improvements.