You know you’re perfectly capable, but feel like you’re not coping… The thought keeps rolling through your mind, “I should be able to handle this. I can’t let my team, my family or myself down”.

Imagine if you could flick on an invisible switch to really connect with yourself and your team, so that you achieve great things, while having a great time doing it?

There is one thing that separates those that succeed from those that don’t:

Taking Inspired Action

Identifying and aligning your core purpose, dreams, desires and goals, then taking action on these. And getting the right support and accountability to make it happen. Facing up to (and moving through) discomfort so you can build an amazing career and be the extraordinary leader you were born to be.

How do I help?

As your coach, I care about getting in touch with what you deeply want and standing for you to align your thoughts, words and actions to create it.

I will partner with you to design and deliver customised transformational experiences that fulfil your specific needs for leadership and career development. Together, we’ll create and refine your plan for success -whatever that looks like to you.

We’ll get super specific about your vision and goals, so that they are truly aligned to enable inspired action.

Throughout your program, I will hold you accountable and I won’t stop standing for and reminding you of your core purpose.

Supporting Assessments

Self awareness is a critical factor in personal development. I am accredited in the 2 world-renowned assessments that will help you fast track your leadership impact. These are optional but valuable additions to the coaching program:

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    Predictive Index – this assessment identifies what really makes you tick – what type of work do you truly align with, what you may find challenging and what work styles energise you most.  This simple but incredibly insightful tool describes who you are and what you need in work to be truly satisfied.
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    Human Synergistics Life Style Inventory (LSI) – this 360 assessment provides profound insights into your work and interaction strengths and areas for development, to empower you to enhance and enjoy everything you do.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching will enable you to:

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    Develop personal awareness of what makes you tick. Define your purpose – what makes you really happy and create an actionable plan to get there.
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    Assess and reflect on your leadership strengths and gaps, appetite for change, motivations, values and context
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    Deepen your insight into your leadership identity, what challenges you most and how to breakthrough to the next level.
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    Become a more mindful leader. Act on your intentions. Review and recalibrate on an ongoing basis.
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    Enhance your wellbeing, career and life satisfaction.
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    Be prepared for the next challenge, promotion or organisation change.
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    Fulfil your potential. Focus your energy to take inspired action and create success.
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    Achieve deeper connections, engagement, motivation and performance through effective leadership.
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    Increase your authentic leadership presence and influence across the business.

Magic happens when you get in touch with the voice inside of you

that knows exactly what you want and need.

You can choose to listen to it or not.

Working with me is choosing to listen to your inner voice – and committing to go on a journey of brave self-inquiry, inspired action and relentless accountability toward what you want to create.

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

I’d love to learn more about you, your leadership journey, what excites you and what you would like to learn more about.


This is a free, no obligation and confidential 30-45 minute Leadership Strategy call to connect with each other and see if we’re in alignment for you to continue with a program.

You’re in safe hands – there’s no judgement or pressure from me! If our goals or values don’t match, I’ll let you know up front.

We’ll map out the next 3 things you can shift now to connect and inspire your team. You will receive some initial guidance and ideas to move you forward, regardless of whether you continue onto the program or not.

If we are aligned, we’ll clarify the program and timelines to suit your needs.


Click on the button below, select a time that works for you and then take the time to answer some questions, so we can get the most out of our meeting.

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